Schick Civil Construction BMX Hub

Schick Civil Construction BMX Hub

The Schick Civil Construction BMX Hub has been in operation and running at full capacity since the start of the program back in 2018. Since then, the key part of this process is to invite a set of athletes within the sport in New Zealand to be a part of this positive, constructive and team environment to which these athletes and riders will train under Cycling New Zealand and within the Hub program nationwide.

We would like to point your attention to the links below as evolution has happened since the inception of this program. Just like any piece of technology like the IPhone, there has been multiple stages of progression and changes. What is key to note is that the direction and goals are the same. The goal of the BMX Performance Development Hub is to ultimately develop a greater pool of riders within New Zealand who in the future could perform and become successful on a world stage both at a World Championship and Olympic level.

Also, this program will positively impact the sport of BMX by enabling further development to prepare the right kind of athletes for a possible CNZ High Performance Program.

BMX Hub –

BMX Hub overview and information –….pdf

Riders will be eligible to be a part of this Performance Development Hub program for 12 months or beyond with ALL of sport training camps every 12 months to allow all eligible riders to have the opportunity to join this group once a year. To reiterate, this is a development space for the sport, NOT a High Performance space/program.

What is required of me to become a part of this Performance Development Hub group?

Keep your eyes peeled as we will be opening registrations for this space the day after the national championships in Rotorua on the 15th March and closing registrations on the 12th of April. Further, please read through the document in the link so you have a full understanding of age, rider capacity, skill requirements and what you are eligible and not eligible for inside this space.

Lastly, we will be holding camps this year for the sport outside of specific hub camps where you the sport will have coaching opportunities in a camp like environment. More information will come out in due time around this.

I am a coach wanting to further my education and gain more experience with coaching:

Like previous years, we will be offering coaching internships to those who are wanting to further their knowledge and capacity. More information will be out post national championships on this.

Learning from others is a key component of developing as a coach, as well as having the ability to bounce ideas off others and ask questions. With Nationals (of various codes) nearly upon us, our Cycling New Zealand Schick National BMX Performance HUB coach will be chatting with Amy Taylor about how to create a great learning environment with a pre-nationals focus. This will be on Tuesday the 16th of February at 8-9pm, where we will host a webinar with to learn from his experiences as an athlete and coach and take a deep dive in to this topic. While Matt coaches BMX this is a great topic for coaches of all cycling codes.

After Nationals we will do another webinar and reflect and review and look at skill development in the off and pre-seasons.

To register click here:

Any further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Kind Regards,

Matt Cameron

National BMX Performance Development Hub Coach
Cycling New Zealand


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