BMXNZ UPDATE on COVID-19 for the 12th August 2020

BMXNZ UPDATE on COVID-19 for the 12th August 2020

Following the government update last night regarding the countries COVID Level status change. The sport will need to move into a position of responsibility to meet the requirements of the applied status. The new difference to this new situation is that we have different levels of status in play. As per the original key point back in March, ‘this is our responsibility to society as a sporting body’.

This continuing responsibility covers keeping up our personal hygiene, still being mindful of personal space and staying away when sick.

Once again, please note that due to the fluid nature of a viral pandemic, where the Government are continually monitoring the situation, these recommendations will change when the status is reviewed this coming Friday the 14th as noted by the Prime Minister.

The BMXNZ ALERT Level3 recommendations below, cover all affiliated clubs & licensed riders in the geographic area from Wellsford in the north to Pukekohe in the south;

  • – BMXNZ advise that all formal club gatherings remain closed. This includes, but is not limited to Club racing, gate practice, ride or training sessions.
  • – BMXNZ recommends that all clubs maintain a “Track Closed” status at all BMX Tracks, during COVID ALERT Level 3.
  • – Any Committee meetings should use online tools such as free video conferencing on the Club Portal or online apps like ZOOM Meetings.
  • -All Government notifications and Ministry of Health policies must be adhered to at all times. Please see the following link:


The BMXNZ ALERT Level2 recommendations below, cover all affiliated clubs & licensed riders for the rest of New Zealand other than the area noted above;

  • – All BMX Club facilities and functions may be opened to members and the public. All Club organised gatherings MUST follow the government regulations of ALERT Level 2.
  • – Club gatherings may proceed, with the Level 2 conditions of GROUPS of 10 people, up to a TOTAL of 100 people at a BMX facility. This includes riders, spectators, parents, siblings, official and public visitors. Please note each group of 10 people CANNOT intermingle with other groups of 10 people.
    For example, gate or training sessions MUST only be in groups of 10 or less. You may have multiple groups, but these groups CANNOT intermingle.
  • – All club gatherings should have a Level1 Club Official/Commissaire to manage the gathering in regard to the required GROUP numbers, social spacing and total numbers attending. Clubs should also have a nominated Club First Aid person at all gatherings.
  • – ALL CLUB GATHERINGS MUST HAVE ELECTRONICLY RECORDED CONTACT TRACING RECORDS, of all people attending or visiting any Club organised gathering. BMXNZ has supplied all clubs with a COVID Tracer App QR code. These QR codes MUST be displayed & all attendees to any facility MUST use the tracing app where possible.
  • – Clubs must run a track inspection procedure. BMXNZ has a H&S checklist for this process online and this should be part of the normal operating process at all Clubs.
  • – Sport NZ state it is the responsibility of all clubs to constantly clean & sanitize common touch points within the club environments. All clubs MUST stock and use cleaning products to protect its members. Recommendations include using disinfectant spray bottles to quickly spray things like doors, handrails, gates, track tools etc.
  • – BMXNZ requires that ALL Clubs have for member use, running water & soap OR hand sanitizer OR both. It is in the clubs’ interest that we make it easy to clean members hands and touch points.
  • – NO HIRE GEAR is allowed under level 2. To protect the riders and of the people assisting in this process.
  • – All Clubs MUST NOT serve food during ALERT Level 2. Government guidelines regarding food service and public health requirements for workplaces would require certified food prep areas, trained staff and full PPE for prep and service. Then also contactless click & collect or seated & served food.
  • – We are back to working with group bubbles, so management of these bubble is key to looking after each other and helping everyone stay safe and well. Stay in your groups of 10, don’t accept sick people into your club bubble, be aware of each other, advise those at risk to stay away for now.
  • – Physical Distancing. If your club bubble is tight and managed, Sport NZ has made allowances for 1m distances. This can allow 8 on a gate for example. If there are people unknown to the club present, then the 2m physical distancing applies
  • -All Government notifications and Ministry of Health policies must be adhered to at all times. Please see the following link:


As noted above BMX is a high-risk sport, these risks come with injury. BMXNZ would like to remind all riders to take extra care while riding any type of bike. This is a strong call to be responsible for your actions.
If you are riding your local neighborhood, be aware, be kind, be safe and smile.

BMXNZ will continue to provide further updates as more information is available. Please contact BMXNZ if you have any questions or need assistance.

Dion Earnest

Executive Officer
BMX New Zealand


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