BMXNZ Club Rider Profiles

BMXNZ Club Rider Profiles

As part of the transponder process, BMXNZ is building systems to better facilitate communication, BMX information & rider data.

All this allows clubs to have your members updated detail & BMXNZ to give your riders personalised results & easier event entry processes.

This is also where all BMXNZ riders **MUST** register their transponder numbers. 

Firstly you should log on to the BMXNZ Rider Portal Page at
You will need to build a password, so just follow the “I forgot my password” link. If the ID info you use does not work, please click on the helpdesk e-mail link & tell us you licence number, so we can ask some questions to ID you & help you out with th new password. Once this is done, login to the portal.

In the portal are various pages,
My Profile – check all your details are correct. There are  few fields we will not let you change like DOB, as this is part of our ID systems. If you change anything, remember to hit the SAVE button at the bottom.
My Transponders – add your transponder number(s) to this list in the correct places. The system will take up to four transponders.

Club Profile – This is the detail the club system has on hand for your home club
Results – A place where you can review all your results that BMXNZ have received back from the Clubs. This includes NQM Status & soon the Nat Series Status.
Surveys – To be used when important feedback is needed
Calendar – This is a replication of the Calendar on the website

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