2019 BMXNZ National Championships Relocated

2019 BMXNZ National Championships Relocated

The Northern BMX Region & North Harbour BMX Club has been communicating with BMX New Zealand over the recent months, advising us that the situation regarding the re-location of the North Harbour BMX Club Facility has changed. This change in situation moves against the conditions of hosting a BMXNZ Major Event & also removed the guarantee that a facility would be ready on time to host the 2019 National Championships. 

The BMXNZ Board see the North Harbour track facility relocation & subsequent site delivery as a huge potential risk for both the BMX New Zealand event & the Club’s goal to deliver a finished & memorable facility.

With this in mind, an agreement has been reached between BMXNZ and the Northern Region that the event be moved from the North Harbour location to another location with the region. The Northern Region has worked with its clubs to find a solution to keep the event within the region & has presented BMXNZ with a option that sees the region pull together to deliver the event at the East City Club Facility.

BMXNZ see this as a Northern Region event hosted at a Northern Region facility and delivered by the Northern Region Clubs.

The BMXNZ Board would like to thank the North Harbour BMX Club for their open honesty in their discussions regarding the situation & hope that the event can return to North Harbour later once it is a finished & presentable facility that people will be in awe of.

BMXNZ & the sport will look forward to seeing a fantastic event in 2019.


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