Conduct within our Sport

Conduct within our Sport

Both Cycling New Zealand and BMXNZ have of late received an increased number of complaints and seen situations regarding conduct and behaviour that is in stark contrast to the sports Code of Conduct.
These conduct codes cover ALL people involved in the sport and includes at any BMX track or event and online. 

When you or your child(ren) purchase a BMXNZ Licence, you agree to participate in an acceptable manner.

The Sports Conduct Charter states;
Participants of the Sport (including riders, coaches and supporters) agree to and will promote an environment that is safe for its members, with an emphasis to protect children who are the majority of the sport. The BMX environment which includes all race meetings, club nights, training sessions and BMXNZ affiliated member sanctioned gatherings, will (also) be Smoke, Alcohol and Drug free.

When Participating in our sport we will.
· Enjoy ourselves
· Ride within the rules of the sport
· Respect the officials, coaches, and other volunteers
· Respect the opposition and their supporters
· Be gracious winners and dignified losers
· Ride hard but ride fair

If your attitudes or behaviour fall outside of these ideals, then action MUST be taken to correct them. This can be done either from within yourself or if not, will be by the sport’s governing bodies. Initially the clubs, then the Regions, BMXNZ and CNZ. Beyond this the law of New Zealand protects peoples rights and our children foremost.

Abuse, bullying or threats directed towards children, volunteers, officials or other participants, at BMX event/sites or online will not be tolerated.

No one is above the rules of the sport or the laws of New Zealand.
All codes of conduct are available online at for all riders, parents and supporters to access.

Lets ride our bikes and enjoy why we are passionate about it.

Download CODE OF CONDUCT here:

BMXNZ Rider Member Code of Conduct Jul2016

BMXNZ Parent Guardian Code of Conduct Jul2016

BMXNZ Officials Code of Conduct Aug2017





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