Waikato clubs prove strongest at national BMX championships

Waikato clubs prove strongest at national BMX championships

Waikato clubs dominated the challenge class racing at the FIRST Windows and Doors New Zealand BMX Championships in Te Awamutu over the Easter weekend.

The three-day event attracted over 1000 entries from 32 clubs with racing from under five years to over 60 years.

The Waikato dominance was evidenced with Hamilton proving the top club with seven titles won closely followed by Cambridge with five. Together with three to the host club, Te Awamutu, it gave 15 New Zealand Championships won by clubs in the Waikato.

Pakuranga’s Mountain Raiders club enjoyed five national wins while the titles were spread among 20 clubs.

A number of the country’s most successful young riders were again to the fore with current world champions Sacha Earnest (Mountain Raiders) 11 years, Leila Walker (Cambridge) 12 years and Cailen Calkin (Hamilton) 16 years, all winning their respective national championships.

There was more joy in the Greenough family from Cambridge with world number three ranked Lily winning the 10 years girls division while brother Bennett took out the boys’ 14 years honours.

With the elite titles decided on Saturday, the elite racing on Sunday centred on the Supernat class, where world elite junior champion Maynard Peel (Sunset Coast) prevailed in the final over the national elite champion Nick Fox (Gisborne) in the men.

The women’s final was won by Te Awamutu’s Rebecca Petch, who was runner-up to Sarah Walker in the elite racing on Saturday.

Challenge Class Results:


Supernats: Rebecca Petch (Te Awamutu) 1, Jessie Smith (Hamilton) 2, Manon Veenstra (Netherlands) 3.

6-7 years: Meg Cannon (East City) 1, Nicola Mapu (Hamilton) 2, Kerah Leaf-Morrell (Kapiti) 3.

8 years: Brooke Day (Levin) 1, Tamai Riwhi (Alexandra) 2, Millie Waite (Hawkes Bay) 3.

9 years: Molly Inia (Te Awamutu) 1, Paiton Taylor (Sunset Coast) 2, Hayley Hanna (Rotorua) 3.

10 years: Lily Greenhough (Cambridge) 1, Renae Colman-Savage (Hawkes Bay) 2, Gracie Owen (Paeroa) 3.

11 years: Sacha Earnest (Mountain Raiders) 1; Emma Hughes (Te Awamutu) 2, Nikita Boyle (North Harbour) 3.

12 years: Leila Walker (Cambridge) 1, Elliot Kale (Tauranga) 2, Brooke Penny (Te Awamutu) 3.

13 years: Megan Williams (Rotorua) 1, Jenna Hastings (Rotorua) 2, Zoe Hartwell (Papakura) 3.

14 years: Holly Oldham (Alexandra) 1, Maia Colman Savage (Hawkes Bay) 2, Tia Hastings-Thurgood (Cambridge) 3.

15 years: Ella Hansen (North Canterbury) 1, Brooke Compain (north Harbour) 2, Xania Miller (new Plymouth) 3.

16 years: Jessie Smith (Hamilton) 1, Baylee Luttrell (Hamilton) 2, Stevie-Lee Reuben (Hawkes Bay) 3.

17-39 yrs: Hayley Gedye (Hamilton) 1, Holly Woodcock-Takurua (Sunset Coast) 2, Caitlin Georgantas (Hutt Valley) 3.

40 plus: Leah Belle (Papakura) 1, Raelene Bishop (Mountain Raiders) 2, Nancy James (Waitakere) 3.

Cruiser class:

13-16 years: Krystal Smith 1, Selina Pfister (Mountain Raiders) 2, Natasha Hargraves (Wainuiomata) 3.

17-24 years: Holly Woodcock-Takurua (Sunset Coast) 1, Toni James (Waitakere) 2, Shannon Alexander (Christchurch City) 3.

30-39 years: Jeanette Davies (Rotorua) 1; Tamryn Hurren-Webster (Dunedin) 2, Sara Nelson (Cambridge) 3.

40 plus: Kylie Sargison (Taupo) 1, Sarah Fischer (North Avon Chch) 2, Kelly McKay (Hawkes Bay) 3.


Supernats final: Maynard Peel (Sunset Coast) 1, Nick Fox (Gisborne) 2, Todd Barry (Cambridge) 3.

5 and under: Austin Stronach (Christchurch City) 1, Mason Childs (new Plymouth) 2, Brooklyn Hansen (North Canterbury) 3.

6 years: Nixon Banks (Hamilton) 1, Max Hei Hei (Sunset Coast) 2, Cade Manava (Kapiti) 3.

7 years: Charlie Leyser (Alexandra) 1, Caleb White (Tauranga) 2, Oscar Newnham(East City) 3.

8 years: Aston Fraser (North Harbour) 1, Deacon Connor (North Harbour) 2, Ryan Halfpenny (North Harbour) 3.

9 years: Luke Brook-Smith (Whangarei) 1, Bradley Lautenbach (North Harbour) 2, Tama Onekawa (Hawkes Bay) 3.

10 years: Noah Walker(Cambridge) 1, Tyler Waite (Hawkes Bay) 2, Cooper Richardson (North Harbour) 3.

11 Years: Lewis Atkinson (Mountain Raiders) 1, Ryan Hastings (Rotorua) 2, Lucas Bhimy (East City) 3.

12 boys: Tipene Kennedy (Mountain Raiders) 1, Maui Morrison (Cambridge) 2, Jack Greenough (Cambridge) 3.

13 years: James Whyte (Mountain Raiders) 1, Karepa Heke-Kaiawha (Tauranga) 2, Will Coombes (Hamilton) 3.

14 years: Bennett Greenough (Cambridge) 1, Austin Lupton (Te Awamutu) 2, Cooper Merito (Te Awamutu) 3.

15 years: Mason James (Te Awamutu) 1, Zach Peterson (Rotorua) 2, Jono Sargison (Taupo) 3.

16 years: Cailen Calkin (Hamilton) 1, Rico D’Anvers (Cambridge) 2, Ronan Millar (Cambridge) 3.

17-24 yrs: Jarrod Browning (Te Awamutu) 1, Zachary Kershaw (Papakura) 2, Cohen Moore (Wainuiomata) 3.

25-29 yrs: Allan Frank (Tauranga) 1, Avon Peel (Sunset Coast) 2, Nathan Adair (Alexandra) 3.

30-39 yrs: Jason Kelly (Hamilton) 1, Tim Ferguson (Cambridge) 2, Jason Waite (Hawkes Bay) 3.

40-49 yrs: Darren Ellis (North Harbour) 1, Jason Troup (Hawkes Bay) 2, Darryn Smith (Hamilton) 3.

50 Plus: Terry Finnerty (Dunedin) 1, Phillip Milburn (Tauranga) 2, Dean Lambert (Mountain Raiders) 3.

Cruiser class:

8-10 years: Thomas Webb (North Harbour) 1, Finn Cogan (East City) 2, Dallas Douglas (Cambridge) 3.

11-12 years: Maui Morrison (Cambridge) 1, Ryan Hastings (Rotorua) 2, Louis Hunt (Cambridge) 3.

13-14 years: Karepa Heke-Kaiawha (Tauranga) 1, James Speedy (North Harbour) 2, Lachie James (Alexandra) 3.

15-16 years: Cailen Calkin (Hamilton) 1, Logan Clarke (Nelson) 2, Jordan Riddick(New Plymouth) 3.

17-24 years: Daniel Bowers-Wilson (North Avon Chch) 1, Zachare Kershaw (Papakura) 2, Luey Cotton (Kapiti) 3.

25-34 years: Philip Leyten (Kapiti) 1, Alexander Sewell (New Plymouth) 2, Isaac Foulkes (East City) 3.

35-39 years: Kurt Bagby (East City) 1, Steven Schimanski (Hawera) 2, Scott Sargison (Taupo) 3.

40-44 years: Dion Newth (Rotorua) 1, Darren Ellis (North Harbour) 2, Bevan Brown (Sunset Coast) 3.

45-49 years: Paul Luttrell (Hamilton) 1, Rmc McLachlan (Papakura) 2, Darryn Smith (Hamilton) 3.

50 plus: Dean Lambert (Mountain Raiders) 1, Phillip Milburn (Tauranga) 2, Terry Finnerty (Dunedin) 3


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