2016 North Island Titles – Rider List and Volunteer call

2016 North Island Titles – Rider List and Volunteer call

Please find below the listing for Riders & Officials who are heads of the different departments at the 2016 North Island Titles.

Also there is a call for volunteers once again & we ask that you click this link to register or contact the head of department if you know them to help out.

2016 North Island Titles Riders Listing


Click on the link above to get to the CNZ website. If there are any issue with your entries please contact entires@bmxnz.co.nz urgently.

2016 North Island Titles Officials Listing

With the 2016 BMXNZ North Island Titles just around the corner, BMXNZ would like to announce the Heads of Department for the event

Staging – Wendy Morrison
Starters – Steven Lloyd
Finish Line – Natalie Hartwell
Finish Line Camera – Jane Hirst
Catchers –  Paula Romer
Points Hut –  Ingrid Burt
Public Relations – Carol Schimanski

We still require a good number of volunteers for the following areas

Staging – Starters  – Track and Corner Marshalls – Finishline – Catching – Points Hut – Finishline Camera 

Even those with little or no experience are welcome! Training will be provided and you will always be teamed up with an experienced Official

Call for Volunteers – North Island Titles

To volunteer all you need to do is complete the online form using the following link

Volunteer Form.

Once complete one of the event team or heads of department will contact you prior to the event.

For all the volunteers at BMXNZ Major Events this season we have an added incentive

Volunteer Payback Draw

As part of the of the sports interest in getting more people involved in events & giving back to those that do help, BMXNZ is offering an Entry Fee Payback Draw for five volunteers at each of the BMXNZ Major Events of the season. To be in the draw for this offer, sign up online to volunteer at a BMXNZ Major Meeting (SIT, NIT or NATs) then do your bit for the sport, minimum one round per day for each day of the event. Then BMXNZ will draw the 5 volunteers randomly & deposit a full entry fee (value dependent of the event) into your bank account after the event.


–          Volunteering time confirmed by event Head of Departments.
–          Payback is one normal class entry fee per person drawn, value dependent on the event which it is drawn at.
–          Payback paid within two weeks of event to a supplied bank account.


Dion Earnest


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