BMXNZ National Series 2013-2014

BMXNZ National Series 2013-2014

This series is for all “Open licence age groups”.

The series involves 10 rounds (as listed below) of which a riders 5 best rounds will count towards the end of season “champions” for each class. A rider can do as many rounds as they want but it is only their best 5 that count.

The 5 “points scoring” rounds must include the Nationals and one of the Island Titles (North or South) plus 3 region champs.

Points are scored in reverse, e.g. 8 for 1st, 7 for 2nd, 6 for 3rd etc. DNS will be 0 points. Where a round is held at a 2 day meeting, points will be scored on the 1st four moto’s of the meeting.
The winner of each age group will be awarded a Race Jersey and there will also be Presentation plates awarded for 1st to 8th.

Rounds included are:
Taranaki Champs                                 14th Sept 2013 NP
Waikato Region Champs                    12th Oct 2013 CB
North Island Titles                              26th Oct 2013 TA
Mainland South Region Champs       1st Dec 2013 ALX
Central Region Champs                       8th Dec 2013 TPO
Mainland North Region Champs       5th Jan 2014 NAC
South Island Titles                               11th Jan 2014 NAC
Wellington Region Champs                9th Feb 2014 HVT
Northern Region Champs                   8th Mar 2014 PAK
National Champs                                 19th Apr 2014 TG


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