Covid regulation changes – March 2022

Covid regulation changes – March 2022

As you all would have seen or heard, the COVID Protection Framework is changing. The basics are know available on the following link;

BMXNZ will update its COVID Policy & processes once SportNZ have released its official guidelines in the next day or so.
The main pointers for BMX over the coming weeks from midnight this Friday the 25th up to the 4th of April are:
CVCs are still required at all BMX gatherings ( if CVC are not used gathering of 25 still apply)
Masks have become recommended outdoors ( any indoor areas REQUIRE a face mask)
Gathering sizes for outdoor event are now unlimited (no bubbles)
No need to QR scan
On the 5th April the following applies:
All of the above plus CVC are no longer required for gatherings.
Some gathering sizes will change, these are to be advised.

This will make our sport some much easier to deliver & enjoy.

But the basic rules still apply, stay home if you are sick, you can wear a mask if you feel the need to, respect everyones choice of space and protection.


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