CNZ HUB Update

CNZ HUB Update

BMXNZ are pleased to see an update from the Cycling New Zealand BMX Performance HUB.

The HUB is one of the key channels in building future championship riders, so the following detail is a positive step forward for our sport riders.

From Matt Cameron the BMX Performance HUB Coach:

We are excited to announce that the Schick Civil Construction BMX Hub has brought Hollie Oldham into the development fold. Hollie is based in Alexandra and we will do everything we can to increase Hollie’s ability on the bike, in her development and in her performance. This is an exciting addition as post the May announcement of program members, Hollie had key KPIs to meet and then reviewed again in October to which she has gone off and worked on these and proved that she is eligible of being brought into the program. So, as of this month, she is now a member of the program. Let the development begin!

Additional to Hollie, we have updated the HUB contracts with Jackson Gaze and Jake Earnest, and both of these riders will continue to work with the HUB on to April 20th 2022.

The sport will be able to see the HUB riders in action at the 2021 BMXNZ Super Open in New Plymouth, 2022 South Island Titles in Cromwell and 2022 BMXNZ Nationals in Hamilton.


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