Hey BMX Family,

we soon start lockdown of our country to stem this crappy COVID-19 virus. It’s going to be a long four weeks – especially as the reason most of you are reading this, is because you or yours quite like being pretty active and propelling your/them selves down a ramp as fast as you can.


Let’s STOP. Seriously.

I’ve read on various forums BMX’ers across the country saying yeah, but nah. This is not about YOU. It is about EVERYONE.

You DON’T have to cut laps at your track in the next four weeks. Improvise. Do sprint training down the drive, in the park, up the road.

DON’T meet up with a mate to train… Keep it in the family guys and girls!

We are Kiwi’s improvise and adapt.


BMXNZ latest directive to ALL CLUBS and ALL MEMBERS is:

BMX New Zealand sport shut down for COVID-19

BMX New Zealand would like to advise all clubs that all formalised activities at club level must now cease. It is no longer appropriate to gather in any form at local BMX facilities. This action is in place at least for the next four weeks and then until further notice.

As part of the Government’s move of the national COVID-19 alert level to THREE immediately and then level FOUR in 48hrs, the regulations around these levels must adhere too.

This requirement covers all affiliated clubs & licenced riders.


BMX is a high-risk sport, these risks come with injury.

Even basic injury while riding or racing, puts further pressure on the Health System that is becoming overloaded with responses to this pandemic.

Be responsible for your actions.

Please remember, we are all in this together. We can do this. Let’s all do our bit to rid our country of this crap and get back to what we do best – enjoying our freedom, our land, our families, our lives.

Stay safe. Kia Kaha.


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