BMXNZ Executive Officer Appointment

BMXNZ Executive Officer Appointment

BMX New Zealand is pleased to advise that Dion Earnest has been appointed to the position of Executive Officer of the Association.

Applications were received from throughout New Zealand, along with a number of International submissions and a few from within the New Zealand BMX Community. We have succeeded in recruiting Dion away from a successful commercial and marketing career in Auckland, to work for the sport within which he is so passionate.

Dion and his family, Anna, Jake and Sacha are well known in the sport, both as competitors and through their connections to the Mountain Raiders BMX Club. Dion’s success in leading the growth of the club and developing an outstanding track facility was one of the reasons why the opportunity was taken to appoint him to this position.

Since late 2013, the Association’s management structure has been reviewed, and overhauled, with Norm and Heather McCann driving that process. In undertaking this task this has enabled the sport to lay down a solid foundation and Dion’s appointment signals the end of the “overhaul” phase, and allows the sport to move forward in new and exciting directions.

This appointment reflects a commitment by the Council and the sport to the continued development of the sport, particularly at a grass-roots level along with meeting the principal strategic aims in building enduring structures focusing upon Region & Club Development along with establishing sound Rider Development Programmes.

The intention is for Dion to work out of Cycling New Zealand’s Cambridge premises, which will result in establishing closer and more beneficial connections there.
Dion shall commence work with BMX New Zealand on 9th March 2015, further communication will be forthcoming regarding the primary contact details of the BMX office.
We welcome Dion into the role of Executive Officer and wish him and the sport every success through this appointment.

Michael Batterton
BMX New Zealand



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